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Hide SafeMonk Shortcut on Mac Desktop

SafeMonkI recently installed SafeMonk to encrypt my DropBox files. Unfortunately, SafeMonk adds an unnecessary shortcut to the desktop. Below is a nifty trick to hide that shortcut.

Open a terminal session, type “SetFile -a V”, and drag the SafeMonk shortcut onto the terminal window. You should observe an output along following lines:

# sudo SetFile -a V /Users/[username]/Dropbox/SafeMonk

Press enter and type in your password after the prompt. The above command “SetFile” sets the invisible extended attribute on the SafeMonk folder. You will next need to relaunch Finder for this setting to take effect. You can do this by entering “killall Finder” in your terminal session. Finally, you might want to put an alias (not a symlink) of the SafeMonk folder in your Dropbox folder.